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A Muscle Meeting For Trainees Organized By Trainees
The Muscle Microenvironment:
A Niche for the Next Generation of Biomedical Scientists
May 12, 2014 The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Welcome to our Muscle Group

The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children's Hospital Muscle Group was founded in 2006 as a way to bring investigators together with diverse research interests in skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, and neuromuscular biology. The goal of the group is to foster interactions among our laboratories to improve the basic and translational approaches to treating muscle injury and disease. The group has grown to 27 laboratories with over 100 members spanning multiple schools and programs within our respective campuses. These include Cell Physiology, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Pediatrics, Molecular Genetics, Neurology, Cancer Genetics, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, Neuroscience, and Dentistry. Since 2006 we have held monthly meetings where we participate in presentations from principal investigators, trainees, and invited speakers. We held our first regional symposium on muscle biology and disease on The Ohio State University campus in the spring of 2009, and just celebrated our 5th annual trainee poster day where graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, and staff came together to interact and share their latest discoveries. In addition, we recently held a one week myology workshop combining lectures from international experts and laboratory courses instructing on the latest muscle and neuromuscular research techniques. We also received this year a National Institutes of Health award for our predoctoral and postdoctoral training program. We invite you to take a closer look at our group along with our past and upcoming events.

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